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At Fareed Fetto & Co we provide the following services, if you require anymore information please get in touch.

Party Wall Surveyor

Who is a Party Wall Surveyor?

The title ‘Party Wall Surveyor’ is not a legal term and is commonly used to describe a person who is competent in matters relating to the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.  When appointed under the terms of the Act, the person acquires legal status as a ‘surveyor.


The Party Wall etc. Act 1996

What does the Act provide for?

The Act makes provision for works to a common wall between two premises (party wall), floors which separate premises (party structures), for excavation works near neighbouring properties, and for the erection of new walls against or across the line of junction between two premises, together with certain other associated matters.


How is the Act applied?

Application of the Act starts with the service of Notice from the building party to the neighbour(s). If the neighbours do not consent to the works, the Act requires a ‘surveyor’ or ‘surveyors’ to be appointed. The surveyor or surveyors determine the work by means of a legal document, an Award, served upon both adjoining parties.


For a copy of The Party Wall etc Act 1996 Explanatory Booklet please visit the Communities Government website 

CDM Consultant

Who is a CDM Consultant?

The title CDM Coordinator is a legal term under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM) and may be used to describe a person who is competent to undertake the role of a key project advisor to the Client (person who wishes to initiate construction or similar work), and to perform certain statutory duties and exercise certain powers which relate to health and safety in the design and construction of a project.


When is a CDM Consultant appointed?

The legal requirement to appoint a CDM Consultant with statutory duties and powers generally applies to significant projects but not where home owners are carrying out works to their own home; in which case the CDM Consultant will have a useful role to undertake as a project advisor, if required.

What is the role of the CDM regulations?

CDM was created to enhance health and safety and eliminate as far as possible deaths, accidents and injuries, both in the construction and use of structures, including buildings.

Structural Engineer

Who is a structural engineer?

The term ‘structural engineer’ is commonly used and understood. A structural engineer is generally trained to design all structures, but usually shows expertise in a certain bandwidth of engineering. In our case this would be building structures.

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